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East End Annual Women Conference Highlights

LILTA in collaboration with OLA of Eastern Long Island hosted for the first time the East End Annual Women Conference: Women Leaders Paving Paths for Young Women. This is Greenport's 5th consecutive year attending one of LILTA's conferences. This great initiative included
school districts in the east end of Long Island like East Hampton, Greenport, Hampton Bays, Riverhead and Southampton. Our girls took a trip down to Stony Brook University Southampton where successful professionals shared their personal and professional journey in the
fields of education, social work, law, politics, arts, journalism, medicine, science, technology, business or sports. During these conferences, students realize that education is transformation and are inspired to graduate from high school and pursue a college degree/program by helping them match their passion with a career path.
The conference provides panels in Spanish to include English Language Learners. In addition, information on the college application process is provided to familiarize students with college experience. The link below includes photos of our students enjoying this experience.

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